Portion of cheese,olives,salami,anjovis 5.00
Mixte portion of cheese and salami 9.00
Italiaan"Antipasto"(selection of italian delicacies) 15.00 
Portion of fried calamares 12.00 
1/2 Portion of fried calamares 6.00 
Fritto misto (deepfried appetizers mix) 12.00
The fingers of the bastard that stoled my bike  12,00
Deep-fried meatballs(made with "brugse zot bier 6.00
Deep fried shrimps balls( lemongrass taste) 7.00
Portion of 2 haring fillets "Bismarck"  6.00
Portion of" red shrimps" (8) with cocktail saus 14.00

       Snack and toasts

Soup of the day and bread 5.50
Croque Monsieur (classic ham and cheese toast) 8.00
Croque Madame (classic toast +2 fried eggs) 9.50
Croque boem boem (classic +bolognese saus) 9.50 
Cheescroquettes 3pcs and salad 12.00
Oostend "grey shrimps"croquettes 3pcs  15.00 
Supplement frieten 2.00


Smoked salmon and rocket salad 11.00
Italian ham and rocket salad  11.00
Garlic    7.00
" Pomodoro e Basilico" 10.00
"Catalana" grilled peppers and salted anjovis 11.00
"Pizzaiola" tomato saus ,mozzarella,origano 11.00


Margherita tomato saus,mozzarella,origano 11.00
4 Formaggi gorgonzola,fontina,provola,capretto 13.00
"Francescana"italian ham, mozzarella,rocket salad 13.00
 4 Stagioni ham,mozzarella,olives,artichokes,mushrooms,oregano 13.00
Salsiccia (basic+spiced minced pork) 13.00
Pizza with hot salami 13.00
Shrimps and calamari 13.00
"Hawai""(Ham - Ananas - Mozzarella) 13.00
 Merguez (Merguez,peppers,oignons) 13.00
"Bufalina"basic+mozzarella di bufala and cherry tomatoes 14.00

          Kids menus

Chiken nuggets with french fries 7.50 
Fishsticks with french fries 7.50
Small pasta bolognese 7.50
Small pasta with tomatosauce 7.00


2 tomatos filled with ostend grey shrimps on a bed of fresh lettuce 20.00
Roasted goat cheese with bacon and french "salade folle" 16.00
Salade "Zeezotje",(assortment of smoked fish ,horsradish sauce and lettuce ) 16.00
Warm shrimps (8) salad ,(vegetables brunoise,curry,lettuce) 15.00
Chichén Itzà "Maya Salad (chiken-Mais - beens-peppers- Spring oignons - Ananas) 16.00
Insalata Caprese , (slices of fresh real buffalo milk,tomato and fresh basil) 12.00
Caprese Della Casa (same as above + italian ham and pesto sauce) 16.00
Extra french fries 2,00

                Pasta , tagliolini and penne

Pasta Fresca e Pastasciutta  
Pasta with tomato sauce 12.00 
Pasta alla Bolognese 13.00
Pasta con "Frutti di Mare" (fresh shellfish and crustaceans) 19.50
Pasta alla Carbonara (bacon and cream) 13.00 
Pasta con Funghi (mushrooms and cream) 13.00
Pasta al Pesto (olive oil,basil,garlic,pine-pits) 13.00
Pasta With smoked salmon 15.00
Pasta with Shrimps and Gambas 17.00 
Tagliolini alle "Vongole"( italian star dish) 19.50
Penne all'arrabbiata ( hot tomato sauce) 12.00 
Penne alla "Siciliana" (tuna,capers,olives,anjovy,tomato sauce) 13.00
Penne all' "Amatriciana"( bacon ,hot tomato sauce) 13.00 
Penne "Aio, Oio e Peperoncino"(garlic,olive oil, hot chily peppers ) 11.00
Penne "Pancetta e Broccoletti"( bacon and fresh broccoli) 13.00
Penne con "Zucchini e Ricotta"( fresh ricotta cheese and sliced zucchini) 13.00 
Penne "Merguez "(merguez,peppers,oignons) 13.00 
Penne "Panna e Salsiccia" (talian spicy pork meat,cream with a tartufo-mushroom extra touch ) 13.00 
Penne with fresh sliced vegetables 13.00
Penne "4 Formaggi"  13.50
Extra Parmigiano - Gruyère 2.00
    Pasta al Forno - oven dishes   
"Lasagne alla Bolognese " 13.00
"Cannelloni della Nonna" (minced poultry,ricotta cheese,spinach) 13.00
"Pasticcio d' Agnello" (minced lamb- mushed potatos-eggplants-zucchini) 13.00
 Lasagne " veggie's style"  13.00
 Lasagne with smoked salmon  14.00
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Red hot Irish burger (200g irish minced beef,red oignons,tomato,lettuce and hot burger sauce  15.00
Classic burger (same as above,standard burger sauce)  15.00
Classic cheese burger (same as above,add cheddar)  15.00
avocado FISH burger (fish burger,lettuce,tomato and guacamole sauce)  15.00
The Welsh Dragon's Lam Burger (200g minced lamb ,lettuce,tomato and fresh mint sauce)

 Chicken "classic"burger with tsatsiki cream 15.00
              4 Cannibals  
Osso-buco ( veal jarret ,served with pappardelle or french fries)  21.00
GRilled Irish ribeye , (served with pasta or french fries, beaernaise- black peper or mushrooms sauce) 24.00
Steak "chateaubriand" ,(served with pasta or french fries,beaernaise- black peper or mushrooms sauce) 21.00
"The chiken who never made it across the street"  (chiken breast with fresh mushrooms sauce and potatoes croquets) 18.00
"Americain met Frieten" (freshly minced beef to season with capers,mayo,salt ,peper and egg youg , served with french fries or bread) 17.00
"Carpaccio" (slices of beef,parmesan flakes and capers) 12.00
Carpaccio alla Rucola, (same as above+ rocket salad ) 13.00
                       Fish and shellfish  
Fishsoup"Zeezotje" (Bouillabaisse style) 19.00
Fresh fish oven casserole "Zeezotje" 19.00
"Marmitta del Piscatory" (assotment of fish,shellfish,crustaceans in a lobster sauce) 24.50
Shrimps "Zeezotje",(8) in a spicy tomato-cream sauce) 17.00
Small dover soles (3) (baked in butter,served with french fries and side salad)  20.00
Shrimps in garlic sauce (8) served with bread or french fries) 17.00
3 dover soles , french fries and salad  21.00
"Cozze in padella" (mossels the italian way,with garlic,tomato,wite wine ,chilly pepper !!!!!) 21.00
Mossels ( when season) (nature, white wine,cream ,cream and garlic, Thailand style !!!!! ) 21.00
Extra french fries  2.00