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Draft beer

Maes pils 25cl 2.60
Maes pils 33cl 3.40
Maes pils 50cl 5.00
Rodenbach 25cl 3.20
Rodenbach 33cl 4.00
Rodenbach 50cl 6.00
Grimbergen blond 25cl 3.40
Grimbergen bruin 25cl 3.40
Affligem Trippel 30cl 4.20
Hapkin 33cl 4.20
Brugse Witbier (white beer) 3.20
Suggestiebier van de maand (volgens aanbod en seizoen)  

From the bottle

Keyte (local beer) 4.00
Carlsberg 3.50
Kriek (cherry flavor) 3.30
Duvel (no translation needed) 4.50
La Chouffe (strong, tasty blond from the ardennes) 4.50
Cherry Chouffe  4.50
Maes low alcohol (0.4) 3.00
Brugse zot (tasty one from Bruges) 3.80
Sport Zot alcohol free beer 3.50
Karmeliet (full and rich flavoured blond) 4.50


Tripel Achiel 8,5° 4.50
Westmalle bruin 7° 4.50
Westmalle Tripel 9.5° 4.50 
Orval 6.2° 4.50
Chimay blauw (dark) 9° 4.80
Chimay wit (Tripel) 8° Blond  4.50
La trappe quadruppel 10°  4.80
Rochefort bruin 10°  4.80


Coca-cola - cola zero 2.60
Fanta orange 2.60
Sprite 2.60
Ice tea lipton/ green/ peach  3.00
Gini 3.00
Schweppes tonic-agrum 3.00
Canada dry 3.50
Fristi 2.70
Cécémel 2.70
Tönissteiner orange/zitrone /vruchtenkorf 3.20
Fever Tree tonic water yellow 3.80
Fever Tree Mediterranean blue 3.80
Fever Tree Ginger Beer 3.80
Chaudfontaine still or sparkling  25cl 2.60
Chaudfontaine still or sparkling  50cl 4.50
Chaudfontaine still or sparkling 1 liter 8.00


 Orange - Appel - Multivitamines -Tomato -Ananas 3.00
Tönissteiner vruchtenkorf 3.20
Orange pressé (freshly squeezed oranges) 6.50
Orange squash (squeezed oranges+ tonic) 7.00
Lemon squash (squeezed lemons + tonic) 7.00


(april - september)

Red Quint (with fresh fruit) 8.00
White Quint (with fresh fruit) 8.00


Cocktail Zeezotje (Gin, Cointreau, Passoa, fresh orange juice) 11.00
Frozen Margareta (Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice) 10.00
Pina Colada (Bacardi, batida de coco, pineapple juice) 10.00
Caipirinha (Cachaca, lime juice, sugar, crushed Ice) 10.00
Mojito (Rum, lime juice, sugar, fresh mint, soda water) 10.00
Moscow Mule (vodka, lime juice, spicy ginger beer) 11,00
Enrico's Jack'n Ginger (bourbon, ginger beer, angostura bitters) 10.00
Dark and Stormy (dark rum, lime juice, ginger beer) 11,00
Negroni (gin, campari, vermouth) 10.00
Negronic's (gin, campari, vermouth, fever tree tonic) 12.50


Aperol spritz (Prosecco, soda water, Aperol) 7.50
Campari Spritz (Prosecco, soda water, campari) 7.50
Martini's (White/ red/ rosato) 6.00
Martini Royale (Cava and martini rosato)  7.50
Porto white or red 6.00 
Pineau Des Charentes  6.00 
Picon bière 6.00 
Picon Vin Blanc 8.00
Picon Royale (Picon & prosecco) 8.00
Glass of cava 6.50 
Glass of prosecco 6.50 
Kirr (white wine and black berry liquor) 6.00 
Kirr Royale (cava and black berry liquor) 8.00
Ricard long drink (5cl)  6.50
Glas of Muscat (sweet wine) 6.00 
Campari 6.00 
Vermouth "Originale"  6.00
Additional lemonades  2.00

Alcohol free

Spritz (Crodino & tonic) 7.00 
Mojito (Limes, sugar, mint, soda) 7.50


Spanish cava 30.00
Italian prosecco 30.00

Hot drinks

Caffé espresso 2.70
Caffé moka 2.70
Caffé ristretto 2.70
Caffé decaffeinato 2.70
"Latte macchiato" 3.20
"Macchiato con gusto"hazelnut,vanilla or pumpkin spice  3.70
"Mocaccino" chocolate taste 3.70
Cappuccino italiano 3.20
Cappuccino slagroom 3.50
Caffelatte 3.20
Hot chocolate 3.20
Hot chocolate with whipped cream 3.50
Hot red wijn 4.50
 Black The 2.60
Flavoured Thee's  ,rosehip , kamille - mint - green - forestfruit- lemon&ginger 2.80
The with passionfruit, mango and orange 2.80
The of fresh sliced lemon and ginger 4.50
The with fresh mint 4.50
Hot coffee with alcohol   
Baileys coffee 8.00
Irish coffee (Whisky) 8.00 
French coffee (Cognac - Grand Marnier)  8.00
Hasseltse coffee Jenever) 8.00
Jamaican coffee(Dark Ruhm) 8.00
Italian coffee (Amaretto)  8.00


William Lawson  7.50   Calvados 8.50
J&B  7.50    Grand Marnier 8.50 
Johnnie Walker  7.50   Bailey's Irish Cream  8.00
Jack Daniel's 8.50    Sambuca 7.50
Single malts whisky's bar
(choose one @ the bar)
12.00 Supplement soda
Pisang Ambon
Gin Bombay Dry Original 7.50   Batida de Coco 7.50
Eristoff Vodka  7.50    Tequila 7.50
Gin's Selection
(choose one @ the bar)
12.00 Supplement soda
Jong Jenever Filliers 6.00
Cachaça  8.00   Old Jenever Filliers 6.50 
Bacardi Superior  7.50   La Grappa. IT 7.50 
Bacardi Reserva  8.50    Limoncello 7.00 
Havana Club 3 years 8.00    Amaretto di Saronno  8.00 
Havana Club 7 years 9.00   Cointreau  8.50
Otard cognac  8.00    Supplement lemonade 2.30
Courvoisier cognac 8.00    Supplement Fever Tree 3.00 
Rum bar
(choose one @ the bar)
12.00 Supplement soda included    


Our wines

 House wine Ropiteau, Meursault
Glas          white - red - rosé 4.00
 1/4l   7.00
 1/2l    14.00
Bottle   21.00

 Chardonnay Santa Ema, Chili (White)
Glas  1/4l  1/2l  Bottle
5.00 8.50 17.00  24.00


Muscat sweet wine
Glas  1/4l  1/2l  Bottle
6.00   9.50 18.00  25.00 


                          Red or white wine of the month
Glas 1/4l Karaf 1/2l  Bottle
5.50 9.50  18.00 25.00 

You may ask our waiters about our wine of the month!

Tea room                         

Il Tartufo di Enrico,
 original ice-cream from "Pizzo Calabro" -Italy!

Classico: Hazelnut & chocolate ice-cream filled with dark chocolate moelleux

Bianco: Cream & moka ice-cream filled with  espresso cream , enrobed in almonds granola

Fichi & noci: Walnuts & figues ice-cream filled with dark chocolate moelleux

Limone & limoncello: Lemon & limoncello ice-cream filled with limoncello cream, enrobed in white chocolate flakes

Pistacchio: pistachios & nougat ice-cream with pistachios cream filling, enrobed in almonds granola

Lukewarm applepie (with whipped cream) 6.50
Homemade pancakes with brown sugar
(from 15h. - 18h.)
Homemade pancakes with brown sugar and butter (from 15h. - 18h.) 5.00
Extra whipped cream


Portion of cheese or olives of salami 5.00
Mixed portion of cheese, salami and olives 10.00
Italian antipasto (selection of italian delicacies) 16.00 
Portion of fried calamares with fresh tartare saus 13.00 
Fritto misto (deepfried appetizer mix) 13.00
Deep-fried meatballs (flavoured with brugse zot beer 8pcs.) 7.50
Deep fried shrimps balls 8pcs 7.50
Deep fried cheese balls 8pcs 7.50
Mixed of fried balls 12pcs (3 flavours) 11.00

Snacks and toasts

Soup of the day with bread 5.50
Croque Monsieur (toast with ham and cheese and a side salad) 9.00
Croque Madame (toast with ham and cheese +2 fried eggs and a side salad) 11.00
Croque Hawai (toast with ham and cheese topped with ananas and cheese served with a side salad) 11.00
Croque boum-boum (toast with ham and cheese topped with bolognese saus) 11.00 
Cheescroquettes (3 pieces with a side salad) 14.00
Oostend "grey shrimps"croquettes (3pcs with a side salad) 16.00 


Smoked salmon and rocket salad 12.00
Italian ham and rocket salad  12.00
Pomodoro e Basilico (tomatos and basil) 11.00
Catalana: (grilled peppers and salted anjovis) 12.00
Pizzaiola: (tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano) 11.00


Margherita: tomato sauce, mozzarella, origano 12.00
4 Formaggi: gorgonzola, fontina, provola, capretto 13.50
Francescana: italian ham, mozzarella,rocket salad 13.50
4 Stagioni: ham, mozzarella, olives, artichokes, mushrooms, oregano 13.50
Salsiccia: tomato sauce, spiced minced pork 13.00
Pizza with hot salami 13.00
Pizza with shrimps and calamari 14.00
Hawaï: ham, ananas, mozarella 13.00
Merguez: merguez sausages, peppers, oignons 13.00
Bufalina: tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala, cherry tomatoes 14.00

Kids menus 

Chicken nuggets with chips 7.50 
Fishsticks with chips 7.50
Small pasta bolognese 7.50
Small pasta with tomatosauce 7.00


2 tomatos filled with ostend grey shrimps with salad 22.00
Roasted goat cheese with bacon salad 16.00
Salad "Zeezotje": (assortment of smoked fish, horsradish sauce and lettuce ) 16.00
Lukewarm shrimp salad: (shrimps, vegetables, curry sauce, salad)  16.00
Chichén Itzà maya salad: (chicken, maïs, beans, bell peppers, spring onions, pineapple) 16.00
Insalata Caprese: (buffalo mozarella and basil) 13.00
Caprese Della Casa (buffalo mozarella, basil, italian ham and pesto sauce) 16.00


Pasta with tomato sauce 12.00 
Pasta alla Bolognese 13.00
Pasta con frutti di mare (fresh shellfish) 21.00
Pasta alla carbonara (bacon and cream) 13.00 
Pasta con funghi (mushrooms and cream) 13.00
Pasta al Pesto (olive oil, basil, garlic, pine-pits) 13.00
Pasta with smoked salmon 15.00
Pasta with Shrimps  18.00 
Tagliolini alle vongole (clams, garlic, white wine, italian top dish!) 21.00
Penne all'arrabbiata (spicy tomato sauce) 12.00 
Penne alla Siciliana (tuna, capers, olives, anchovy, tomato sauce) 14.00
Penne all' amatriciana (bacon, spicy tomato sauce) 14.00 
Penne pancetta e broccoletti (bacon and fresh broccoli) 14.00
Penne merguez (merguez, bell peppers, onions) 14.00 
Penne panna e salsiccia (Italian spicy ground pork meat and cream) 14.00 
Penne panna salsiccia e funghi (ground pork and mushrooms) 14.00
Penne with fresh sliced vegetables 14.00
Penne 4 Formaggi  14.50
Extra parmesan/ gruyere cheese 1.00 
Pasta al Forno - oven dishes   
Lasagne alla Bolognese 14.00
Cannelloni della Nonna (minced poultry, ricotta cheese, spinach) 14.00
Pasticcio d' Agnello (minced lamb, mashed potatos, eggplants, zucchini) 14.00
Veggie lasagne 14.00
Lasagne with smoked salmon 14.00
Red hot Irish burger (200g irish minced beef, red onions, tomato, lettuce and spicy burger sauce) 15.00
Classic burger  15.00
Classic cheese burger (+ cheddar) 15.00
Avocado fish burger (fish burger, lettuce, tomato and guacamole) 15.00
Chicken burger (chicken, tsatsiki sauce, lettuce and tomato) 15.00
For cannibals 
GRilled rib-eye (served with pasta or french fries, beaernaise- black peper or mushrooms sauce) 24.00
Steak "chateaubriand" (served with pasta or french fries,beaernaise- black peper or mushrooms sauce) 22.00
Chicken breast with fresh mushrooms sauce and potatoes croquettes 18.00
Americain - Steak tartare (freshly minced beef to season with capers, mayo and egg yolk , served with french fries or bread) 18.00
Carpaccio (slices of raw beef,parmesan flakes and capers) 13.00
Carpaccio alla Rucola (''+ rocket salad) 14.00
Fish and shellfish
Fishsoup "Zeezotje" (Bouillabaisse) 21.00
Fresh fish oven casserole "Zeezotje" 21.00
Shrimps "Zeezotje",(8) in a spicy tomato-cream sauce 18.00
Small dover soles (3) (baked in butter, served with french fries and side salad  21.00
Shrimps in garlic sauce (8) served with bread or french fries 18.00
Cozze in padella (Italian style mussels, with garlic, white wine and cherry tomatoes) 22.00